CEPro Roofing:

CEPro is a front line manufacturer of roofing and clading profile sheets made out of Galvalume and prepainted Galvanized iron and Non colour Galvalume iron, also offers complete roofing solutions, CEPro is a special design profile for stronger roofing applications its optimum pitch and depth ratio lends superior weight bearing capacity making it the profile of choice. Its unique design makes for a watertight roofing solutions with the added advantage of an anti-capillary groove which ensures a leak proof installation for years to come


To Emerge as an quality manufacturer and supplier of pre-painted
Galvanised / Galvalume steel roofing , cladding & crimped profile sheets


We will persue through the following

  1. Achieve a lasting partnership through an unwavering commitment to excellance in everything we do
  2. Trust will be fundamental in the quality of our products ,services as well as in our delivery commitments.


We will strike to always achieve the highest standards across our value chain.

CEPro Building Systems believe that these are value are important for the long term sustenance and growth office organization and will ensure the organization to grow stronger.


CEpro Roofing offers wide range of accessories and rain water systems to meet the customers expectation. The accessories are designed to take care of the purpose of clients and to meet the aesthetic appearance of the project. Accessories are also available in small, medium, heavy and customized sizes as per cliens requirements.



Product Range

Colour Coated Galvanized

Galvanized Sheets

Colour Coated Galvanized / Galvalume Trapezoidal profile sheets are used widely for diverse applications. As they have large range of geometric designs, they offer variety of architectural possibilities.

Trapezoidal profiles are supplied not only in different sections and thickness but also in various heights and customised lengths. They are suitable for use as Roof and Wall Panels, in single or double shell construction.

The cold rolled steel sheets are galvanized and painted with RMP/SMP/HDP/PVF2 and the basic steel confirms to IS 277 with zinc coating 120 GSM (ASTM A653, A755, JIS G3302, G3312, IS277, 513, 14246, AS1397) . These are available in different sizes as per client specification.

We manufacture curve sheets which are also called as crimp curve up to 8 meters. We do also manufacture supporting accessories which are necessary for an industrial shed namely Water gutter, down spot, Barge cap, Ridges, corner flashings, drip trims.

Galvalume Sheets

High Quality roofing & Cladding Systems.

Technical specification for roofing sheets :

The composition of the Galvalume sheet alloy coating is typically 55% aluminum, 1.6% silicon and the balance zinc, nominal percentages by weight. We specialize in Prepainted Galvalume sheets which are made out of world class raw material complying with International Standards. Because of its excellent corrosion resistance, these sheets have become the most preferred material for various construction purposes, particularly roofing and wall cladding. Coated steel sheet is a unique building material that combines the strength of steel with excellent corrosion protection. It can be punched, pressed, roll formed and joined into a number of structural and decorative building products. Typical durability for Galvalume sheet is two to four times that of galvanized G90 Sheet. Excellent Long-Term Durability.

  • Bare Galvalume sheets.

  • Technical Specification of Aluminum Zinc Alloy Coated Steel
    Combination Coating Std Materials 55% Aluminum 43.4% Zinc and 1.6% Silicon AS 1397-1993 Bare Galvalume-ASTM A792M
    Coaling MassAZ 150
    Base Metal High Tensile Steel Sheet
    Grade Nominal Thickness(TCT)80 0.47 TCT & 0.5 TCT-AS/NZS-1365-1996

  • Pre Painted Galvalume sheets.

  • Colour Coated Alu-Zinc Steel Sheet (Galvalume)
    (55% Aluminum 43% Zinc and 1.6% Silicon)
    Alu-Zinc coatingAZ 150 GSM
    Prime service coat5 microns epoxy/PU on both sides
    Paint thickness (top)20-25 microns
    Paint thickness (bottom)5-7 microns
    Surface Paint reflectionGlossy Finish (optional-Matt Finish)
    Conforms toASTM A755,JIS3323,IS277,AS1397
    Tensile Strength-345-550MPA,550-700MPA

  • Pre Painted Galvanized sheets.

  • Colour Coated Alu-Zinc Steel Sheet (GI)
    Zinc coatingZ 120 GSM
    Primer service coat5 microns epoxy/PU on both sides
    Paint CoatingRegular Modified Polyester(RMP)(optional-Sillicon Modified Polyester and PVF2
    Paint thickness (top)20-25 microns
    Paint thickness (bottom)5-7 microns
    Surface Paint reflectionGlossy Finish (optional-Matt Finish)
    Conforms toASTM A653,JIS3312,IS277,AS1397
    Tensile Strength-345-550MPA,550-700MPA
  • Industrial Buildings. Warehouses
  • Commercial buildings
  • Multi-storied shopping malls.
  • Spots complex and stadia
  • School building, Health centers
  • Garages, Bus Shelters, Car Parks
  • Metro Rail Stations.
  • Railway Platforms

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Product Range

Colour Coated Galvanized / Galvalume Trapezoidal profile sheets are used widely for diverse applications.

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