CEProTM is India’s foremost company in the specialty building materials sector for wellness interiors with ceilings & Roofings, CEPro has advanced, innovative, application-oriented, techno-commercially superior products, systems, solutions and services based on Indian norms for Asian conditions at Indian values!

CEProTM serves the commercial, institutional, industrial and residential buildings market. It meets project needs through design, supply, build, service solutions. Together these interior finishing solutions form a complete value-chain that comes from a one-stop, single-source company that result in intelligent spaces enabled by smart architecture.

Once the raw space is ready CEProTM sequentially serves the need for false ceilings and Roofing. Mineral Fiber Tiles and T-Grid is our heritage, our legacy and hence is automatically considered to ensure interiors are quiet.

Ceilings & Roofing

Then come the ceilings. CEPro´s principal body of work relates to commercial interiors with an emphasis on ceilings. Ceilings is all about factory-finished, lab-certified interior systems with every kind of surface finish and core content for any kind of architectural space.

India has been recognized as a valuable investment destination by various international companies. These companies demand world-class infrastructure requirements in which value-added interiors plays a major role. Currently there has been a tremendous growth in quality of infrastructure, particular in the commercial segment that houses retail, software developers, BPOs, call centers, and other IT enabled services & Industries.

India is one of the largest entertainment markets in the world. Passion for interiors in India during the last few years, there has been an unprecedented demand for interior products malls including multiplexes using Mineral Fiber Ceiling in india.

These changes are spreading to other infrastructure facilities like hotels, hospitals, education, airports etc and for a country as vast as India, the market size is huge. It leaves no room to guess that there is a very good chance for the market growing to higher levels in the next 5 years. All this has been further fuelled by the government allowing FDI in real estate.

Business of the Company

CEProTM Building Systems (P) Ltd., is a closely held Private limited company incorporated at Hyderabad all areas in AP

Traditionally, CEProTM pioneered Mineral Fiber Tiles, PVC Tiles, Metal Tile, T Grid & Roofing Sheets that were used for sound control in all areas in the semi-urban regions of South India. CEPro rapidly evolved to gain acceptance in metro cities and became the default specs for new-age Malls & Commercial across South India enhance the quality of sound in any built space, not just cinema, including offices, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, airports etc.

In keeping with the trends the company innovated a PVC Tiles ceiling systems based on Vinyl Face Gypsum that were used for noise isolation apart from thermal insulation and fire protection to make the built environment a pleasurable experience. Right from acoustical modeling via computer simulation to site validation by objective testing with acoustical instrumentation, CEProTM became the only Indian corporate to straddle the entire value-chain.

CEProTM addresses the current needs of the user community of providing complete value-chain solutions from design to installation. This has transformed CEProTM into a one-stop, single source, turnkey corporate for everything in interior surface finish solutions, in terms of walls and ceilings, making it one of its kind from India.

CEpro’s current business is divided into two major verticals – ceilings/roofing.

The Management Future Outlook

Though a closely held Private limited company, the management is very professional. The top-tier management is well supported by qualified, experienced, and trained personnel in the Finance, SCM, Marketing and other vital functions of the company.

The company offers the complete value-chain of design, supply, build (DSB) services for certified building solutions. This includes consultancy services as part of its systems supply and a future program of onsite installation that makes it a total solution provider distinguishing itself from a product player or just a consulting or contracting firm thereby enjoying enhanced market acceptability and preference.

Moreover the company offers engineered solutions in total interior systems with every kind of surface finish and core content, for every kind of architectural space. This too imparts it with a unique identity and is an important differentiator in the marketplace.

CEProTM is on a fast-track growth path. All fundamentals, internal and external, are strong and favour the company to achieve unprecedented growth.

Market Analysis and Prospects

The Indian economy is one of the fast growing in the world along with China and offers tremendous scope in the field of building solutions for ceilings & roofing. Even in the current phase of economic downturn while developed countries show negative growth, both India and China continue to expand, albeit at a slower pace.

Marketing Infrastructure

The marketing team of CEProTM is professional and well-structured that can efficiently generate business and results to the company. The co-ordination cell is based at the Corporate Office at Hyderabad. This controls the marketing management of the team that is located in two regional the offices are well equipped with good infrastructure and connectivity. All team members are qualified and have representatives and dealers in other cities. All experienced with a similar industry background. The team is an ideal blend of youth, experience and technical capability.

Though necessary infrastructure in terms of manpower, training, promotion have already been made in these areas, as a matter of continuous process, CEProTM , expends a lot in its marketing activities. The company often conducts seminars, attends seminars conducted by others, and promotes its systems and services through newsletters etc in India.

Other Special Features

  • Our company is having Certification by ISO 9001:2008 & INDIAN GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL.
  • Only quality value-chain provider of unique systems in the organized sector.
  • Enjoys excellent goodwill among consumers and facilitators.
  • Enjoys excellent rating with its bankers


People are the key to organizational success. Team CEProTM is responsive to customer needs. The team is technically skilled, suitably trained and adequately experienced to co-manage project challenges with the ecosystem.

CEProTM authorized applicators, contractors in industry parlance, and dealers are a very important part of the team as they provide the much-needed last mile connectivity. The true value of CEProTM products is realized only when they are installed and perform to the benefit of space users.

Team CEProTM is trained in customer relationship management (CRM) and also provides the much needed emotional quotient to the business of certified building solutions.

Quality Policy

CEProTM is committed to strive for market leadership and continual improvement of performance by design, manufacture and supply of products and services related to Roofing, Ceilings, T-Grid Enhance customer satisfaction by supplying goods & services at optimal cost and on time delivery


CEProTM is headquartered at Hyderabad India’s IT capital, with Support Centers at Bangalore and Chennai. In order to be closer to the customer, CEProTM has expanded its manufacturing and warehousing facilities.


For more information please access our fully featured and regularly updated websites.www.cepro.co.in

Green Architecture

CEProTM supports the initiatives of the US-based Green Building Council (GBC) and Green Building Rating System for promotion of buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy places to live & work.

Service Professionals

CEPro’s response team is technically skilled, adequately experienced to deploy its programmes and also co-manage project challenges with the CEPro team. Team CEPro is trained in customer relationship management (CRM) and also provide the much-needed emotional quotient to the business of ceilings/roofing.

Service Warranty

CEPro’s design, supply, build solutions are guaranteed to perform. Objective testing post-install validates the defined design parameters. A warranty certificate can be provided on eligible request for projects where the CEPro programmes have been applied to design, supply, and build.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CEPro Service programme is focused on the special people with speech and hearing limitations. CEProTM works closely with speech & hearing institutes and special opportunity schools to enable these special people experience the world closer to reality.

Design Consultants

CEProTM recommends the professional services of qualified and independent design consultants to decode CEPro products. A complete listing of design consultants for each region - is available with CEPro and can be provided to eligible requests.


CEPro shall be a global leader in its chosen endeavors to create value for society & To Continuously improve the quality and Service of products and to constantly increase customer focus is our prime vision.


CEPro shall enhance living experiences for the society, through continuous phenomenal growth and planned innovation using state-of-art-technologies, by providing world-class construction products and services.

Creating industry benchmark.

To be transparent and fair to customers, suppliers and employees in all our dealings


  • Customer Focus
  • Enduring Quality & Excellence
  • Optimum Costs
  • Time is Essence
  • Transparency & Integrity
  • Employee Welfare
  • Environmental Consciousness

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